Wednesday, 30 August 2017

American University of Barbados - School of Medicine

American University of Barbados, School of Medicine aims to prepare its students to be global leaders in all aspects of health care. The noble profession of medicine has considerable demands and immeasurable rewards. Our goal is not simply to create 'doctors' but 'medical scholars' imbued with a lifelong desire for knowledge and service. 

Studying medicine at American University of Barbados is a great opportunity which brings you close to the frontier of current scientific knowledge and sets you upon a path towards the noble profession of medicine within a unique model of medical education which we believe is second to none. In addition to rendering quality education, we endeavor to see our students grow academically, professionally and socially. These characteristics we believe will soon see American University of Barbados evolve as one of the most sought-after names in the field of medicine. 

Our faculty and staff represents some of the finest to be found in any medical school and we pride ourselves on their commitment to teaching as well as their pre-eminence within their fields. Our US based medical curriculum is designed specifically to meet the licensing requirements in United States and other nations around the globe. The balanced student-faculty ratio allows for highly personalized discussions and interactions between students and professors. During the Clinical Science Program (Rotations) our students get the opportunity to participate in supervised patient care rotating through varies medical specialities. They also attend Weekly Grand Round at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, during their Core Rotations in Internal Medicine, Surgery, Family Medicine and Pediatrics, which also include lectures, presentation and medical updates. 

Globalization in healthcare is a reality. Magnetic resonance images taken in California are analyzed in Mumbai. A Specialist in Connecticut can 'tele-mentor' a student in Brazil. Our students come from diverse backgrounds with rich experiences that make up a truly cosmopolitan community of scholars at American University of Barbados. It gives the students an opportunity to have a global clinical experience and prepares them for residency and beyond. The global outreach of our faculty and administration ensures that our students have significant options for study and are welcomed to a group of opportunities without boundary. The American University of Barbados continually reviews opportunities to broaden the clinical exposure of our students in the United States and other countries. The School of Medicine serves as the launch pad to medical professionals and guides them in providing better health care thereby alleviating suffering from the communities around the world.


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