Friday, 2 June 2017

Generation ‘Y’- The Millennial Generation and Medical Education

The young individuals born between mid 80’s and early 2000 are the ones to enter the work force. The early years of this Generation ‘Y’ were marked by uncertainties like 9/11, other threats of terrorisms, globalization, a severe economic recession and school violence.
Generation ‘Y’ was raised by parents who told them they were special and ‘winners always. This generation prefers to work in groups with hands- on – experiences. They enjoy trial and error methods in their planning and the work they do.
Generation ‘Y’ does not value reading and listening to lectures as has been traditional in medical education. They want learning to be creative, interactive and interesting as they enjoy thinking ‘outside the box’.
To ensure success medical educators need to understand, that Generation ‘Y’ cannot be forced into the mould of past generation. Educators in medical education should focus on 4 core areas.
1-      Interactive teaching with technology.
2-      Professionalism
3-      Mentoring
4-      Logical communication
Medical educators need to stay abreast of new technologies and incorporate them into teaching as Generation ‘Y’ is technology savvy, advanced in readiness to use new methods. Collaborative with immediate feedback, multimedia presentations, problem base learning by bringing live patient for case discussion with audience participation are some ways appreciated by this generation.

Educators could use Generation ‘Y’ expertise by involving them in a technology advisory committee. Generation ‘Y’ wants to have a close relationship with the authority figures just as they did with their parents. They want to feel special, they love to work with superiors who are approachable, supportive, good motivators and communicators. They feel comfortable sharing their opinions and feedbacks. Flexibility and adaptability is required by the medical educators to nurture the Generation ‘Y’ into successful and committed medical professionals.


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