Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Medical Research of Great Value, says Minister

4• Tuesday February 16, 2016                                                                The Barbados Advocate

RESEARCH plays a critical role in medicine since human condition is always changing and thus, this is an area that as future physicians, you can embark on. This is coming from the Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Ronald Jones who delivered remarks who delivered remarks at the White Coat Ceremony of the American University of Barbados (AUB) recently at the PomMarine Hotel. He said that whether they choose to do this research individually or as a group, it would involve the sharing of skills and knowledge. “You might be doing some research on some particular aspect of human condition, you might be doing it as a singular pursuit or you might be doing it as a collective pursuit where you can work collectively, you do that. Use each other as sounding boards, tap into the talents and the capabilities of each other to do that research because human condition is constantly changing and it means that more and more research must be done as human conditions continue to change.” The Minister of Education also stated that as young people now studying the field of medicine, they would naturally have many goals in mind and he assured that they have the ability make these dreams a reality by becoming the person who finds a cure for that particular ailment or disease. “But we need to know and medical researchers are the ones who would be able to tell us and you are bring young people. You might not be ready yet to tell us because you are still on the learning curve, but there are persons who are already heavily into medical research; there are persons who may want to come up with the first vaccine or whatever to use in various labs across the world, they would be doing that research.” As a result, they must not limit themselves and talents because they have the capacity to attain whatever goals they have set for themselves once they do the necessary preparation and pay attention to those persons in authority who have their best interests at heart and would therefore, guide them accordingly, he stated. “But the bottom line is that you must not shut your mind to the challenges. You must not block your potential by being diverted from your particular pursuits…It is not the end, it is just a continuing of the journey. Everybody can succeed…prepare yourselves, do the best that you can and may whoever guides you, continue to guide you safely.”

THE feeling of a family and the ability to study in the USA are just some of the main reasons why some Barbadian students are opting to study medicine at the American University of Barbados (AUB). Speaking to The Barbados Advocate after the White Coat Ceremony of the AUB at the PomMarine Hotel on Saturday evening, one of these students, Donnelle Phillips, 21, said that after completing her degree in Biology and Education at the University of the West Indies (UWI), she choose to attend the AUB because of the family like atmosphere that you get at the institution. “Everybody lives as a family.” She also liked the fact that after studying four semesters at that institution, students then head to the USA to one of the campuses there to complete the remainder of their programme. Phillips stated that this provides her with the opportunity to be exposed to two different countries and learning environments, “which is an attractive option”. As for which of the campuses she would like to go to, she said that the Directors of the AUB are currently working on getting a connection made with Miami and if this is done by the time she is ready to head overseas, then she would prefer to go there because of the similar climate to Barbados; if not, she would head to Chicago. Briana Edwards, 18 would also like to head off to Miami for similar reasons, otherwise she would go to Chicago since that is where she has family. Having recently completed the Associate Degree in Chemistry, Biology and Environmental Science at the Barbados Community College (BCC), this feature of the college that allows students to go overseas also appealed to her and was a driving factor in why she chose this institution to pursue medical studies. She also praised the lecturers, saying that they teach in a way that makes the material “understandable and if you don’t understand, then they would go through it with you until you understand.” Lafonn Millar, 18, who completed the Associate Degree in Biology and Environmental Science at the BCC, before coming to the AUB, also liked the fact that students can go to the USA to complete the programme and shares the same sentiments as her colleagues on where she plans to go. She also praised the family atmosphere at the institution, stating that it was a “relaxed environment” where students shared information; the small teacher to student ratio and the fact that the campus was on the beach, saying that when students get tired from all of the work, they can head down to the beach and sometimes, they even go as a group. Rasheed Pilgrim, 19, who completed pre-medicine and is now going to start medical studies, said that he choose the AUB because “it provides a different setting” as well as that “the AUB provides many international opportunities.” He would like to head off to Chicago since this is the longest affiliation that the AUB has had. (PJT)

Abinash Dev
American University of Barbados
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